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It’s time to halt chronic disease.

HALT delivers chronic disease prevention programs through an easy to navigate online platform. Available programs include:

  • The National Diabetes Prevention Program Lifestyle Change Program in English, Spanish, and culturally tailored to American Indian populations
  • Diabetes Self Management Education and Support Enhancement
  • Healthy Lifestyle
  • Smoking Cessation
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HALT stands for Health and Lifestyle Training

Our web and app-based programs help individuals develop healthier habits over time; like eating smarter, reducing stress, and getting more physical activity.

HALT is the most cost effective and equitable way to help communities prioritize their health.  Our digital programs are accessible from virtually anywhere, making it easier to stick with it for the long term-especially if you’re a long haul trucker. educator, healthcare worker, gig worker or anyone looking to make positive lifestyle changes on their own time and terms.

Coming soon: Arthritis – Walk With Ease, Behavioral Health, Family Healthy Weight, Health Equity, Cancer Prevention, and Oral Health.



Lifestyle coaches so local, they fit in your pocket.

All of our coaches are hand-chosen from your communities so they know their participants.

HALT makes Chronic Disease Prevention Programs available for any schedule, any time.

From day to night and all the shifts in between, HALT helps workers be happier and healthier.

Savings that saves lives.

Delivering the National DPP through HALT costs less than $50/participant.

HALT programs available in multiple languages and customizable.

Programs now available in Spanish and culturally tailored for American Indian populations.


A few words from our happy clients

I just got the best news ever. My A1C went from a 6.0 in July to 5.4 (woohoo!!) My cholesterol is also within normal ranges now. Thank you so much for all you your support and coaching. I can't wait to see what the next 6 months bring.

– TE

HALT has been a game changer in reaching underserved rural and remote populations, while also adding convenience and support at the fingertips for all who use it.

– K.M., South Dakota Department of Health

I am just writing you this so that you know my recent blood test for A1C glycohemoglobin is in normal range. It was 5.8 earlier but now it is 5.4. A pdf file is attached for your record. Thank you so much for all of your support.

– A.K.

In Maryland, we fortunately launched HALT Diabetes before the COVID-19 pandemic, as one state goal is to increase the accessibility of the National DPP to people who have barriers to joining in-person classes. Having HALT Diabetes in place during this time has allowed Maryland lifestyle change programs to continue to help people reduce their risk of diabetes.

– S.V., Maryland Department of Health

I had my blood taken today. My cholesterol is now 149 compared to 212 in April!!!!!! My A1C came back at 5.5. It was 5.9 starting the program. I am so happy!!!!! Sometimes it's frustrating that I only lose a pound a week, but this definitely proves it’s working. I am more motivated than ever right now! Thanks for your help and support.

– H.B.

I have connected with my doctor and rechecked my A1C since the March 5.7%. I have dropped to 5.2% and I do attribute that you all reaching out to me and making me aware of everything. Though I have not been religious with the app, I have been watching the DPP modules and being cognizant in my diet and weight loss. I’ll continue accepting your advice and courses as they come to me.

– K.H.

Hi Kara, I just had a lipid panel done. Although I am currently on a statin, I would like to think that my diet changes are responsible for my decreased cholesterol. I went from a total cholesterol of 227 in May to 151 in August. I would say that it is successful! :-)” “Thanks for everything Kara. I am so grateful for this program and am really proud of myself too. My husband commented again last night how much we have changed our lifestyle. We try to fit quinoa, avocados, and fish into our diets every week. We purchase fish and chicken (no beef) and have so many fruits and veggies all day. It’s wonderful and I love it. It is REALLY nice to have my clothes baggy or to fit into shorts that I haven’t worn for 3-4 years. I have 11 more pounds to get me to my goal of a 30lb weight loss. I will be at my ideal weight of 130lbs. Happy Monday and thanks again!

– D.B.

I received my A1C Glycohemoglobin test result today I am at 5.6 down from 5.8 last year.

– J.E.

Many of our grantee coaches are still working from home and will do so for the foreseeable future. They are excited about this new innovative method of offering the program from their own homes. One of the silver linings to the public health emergency is that it truly shined the light on virtual learning and how effective it can be for public health.



HALT participants can access our online programs whenever and wherever their schedule allows.
Interact with coaches virtually at their convenience.
No need to travel. Everything needed is right in the app.
No need for childcare, pet care or elder care to take care of yourself.
Local coaches mean local recommendations for how to get healthier in your community.
Meet other program participants and create a community all working towards a common goal.
An affordable, proven platform available in English and Spanish.

Over 85% of Participants Report Their Overall Health Improving Since Starting HALT.

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The HALT team is proud to support its clients with customized technical assistance, marketing support, and training.

Live support team to train and onboard new organizations and coaches. Regularly scheduled HALT Roundtable Meetings are also available. We are with you every step of the way!


Customized marketing materials and strategic planning to reach your populations of focus. Additional onboarding and recruitment materials are available for new HALT sites. 


ProVention is the only CDC-recognized National DPP lifestyle coach training entity that offers a curriculum that is fully inclusive to reach participants with disabilities. For more information on coach training email Mari Brick at

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We have a variety of resources available for HALT organizations and coaches including organization and licensee holder onboarding materials, participant marketing materials, training, and more!
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